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If I hadn't heard rock n roll on the radio, I would have had no idea there was life on this planet.
                                      -Lou Reed

All Along the Watchtower

Bad Moon Arisin

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Love Potion                                                                   T, Shevory


I'm an independent musician/songwriter, living in Ithaca, New York.  A former member of many bands, I set out on my own two years ago. I was also a committed upright piano player, in love with those old school masters like Little Richard, Professor Longhair, Johnny Clyde Johnson, and Jerry Lee Lewis. But after purchasing a top end digital workstation, I was blown away by the musical possibilities for a solo performer. Now, while piano is still at the heart of what I do, I use a drum-machine,  electronic plug-ins, and a looper to expand my musical reach.

I know that some folks hate adding electronic gizmos to rock music, and I completely understand that, because I felt exactly the same way.  But, give this a listen, and see what you think.  Email your comments, good or bad.  I am always open to criticism, constructive....and otherwise.

All the streaming is free here.  If you want downloadable versions, contact me, and I'll be happy to accommodate. I'll even send you a CD or two, free of charge.







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My previous album

My studio

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